Calling All Event Coordinator Volunteers

THE PTA CAN ALWAYS USE YOUR SUPPORT. Your involvement is critical to our mutual success! Some fun with numbers:

Cedar Lane stats:
Students and Staff >900
Members of the PTA Facebook Page ~350
Members of the PTA <100
Attendees at first PTA Meeting ~25

Assuming each family has two children attending CLES on average:

If every parent became an active member of the PTA, that's approximately $4000 in revenue to help support our school and scholars.

If every parent volunteered just two hours of their time at any time during the school year to PTA events or administration, that's approximately 800 hours of support.

I recognize that everyone contributes in a different way and truly appreciate all of the support that we receive. I just thought it would be interesting to share some fun facts.

THIS IS YOUR PTA - we need your support. Please contribute if you can. Contact one of your PTA board members to find out how today.

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