Winter Box Tops Contest

Our Clipping for Cocoa Box Tops Contest is on! It is your chance to turn in lots of BoxTops, and earn some extra fun things for your class and school!

Our contest runs from January 30th to February 23rd. This flyer was sent home last week and explains everything! The flyer is attached and under the Fundraisers tab (scroll down to Boxtops section) on this site.

Every Friday of the contest, we will collect the bags to see how many each class has collected. When you submit 10 BoxTops, your class will earn a snowball to throw at another classroom, by taping it on their door. This year, every time your grade level earns 50 BoxTops, your grade will earn a cotton ball marshmallow to add to your grade’s hot cocoa cup on the library bulletin board!

As a school, Mr. Marple will reward us with some fun activities as we add up those BoxTops:
* 1,000 BoxTops: Mr. Marple will read a snowy Mad Libs written by a top class!
* 3,000 BoxTops: Mr. Marple will wear a Box Tops costume designed by a top class!
* 5,000 BoxTops: Our school earns a Pajama Spirit Day!

So, when you get home today, start looking around the house for BoxTops and ask family members or friends to help you collect BoxTops! Thank you!

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Teacher Favorites

Are you looking to purchase a special gift for your child's teacher(s) or an amazing staff member at our school, and would like to find out the types of things that they like? 
You can visit the Teacher Favorites page!  We are currently updating these sheets for the new year, so please note these are sheets from last year and may be updated within the next few months.  
Find the staff member by last name, click on their PDF, and Voila!- sure-to-please gift ideas for your special staff member!